Fuming Nawaz accuses judges of harbourbing anger against him

ISLAMABAD: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif who failed to get any relief from the accountability court on Wednesday accused judges of harboring grudge and anger against him.

Besides rejecting his plea for joint trial in 3 corruption references, the {responsibility|liability|answerability} court indicted him again in the references {submitted|registered|recorded} by the National {Responsibility|Liability|Answerability} Court (NAB).

The substituted prime minister pleaded {simple|not liable} and said he was deprived of fair trial and basic rights.

In a brief media {conversation|connection|discussion} outside the court, Sharif said: “I knew decision will not be in my favour because these judges are exploding with grudge and anger and their anger is {obvious|apparent|noticeable} from their words {utilized in|employed in|found in} the verdict. ”

{Talking about|Mentioning|Discussing} the apex court’s {comprehensive|in depth|thorough} verdict in his review petitions on Panama circumstance, he further said the words {which were|that have been|that had been} used would become “dark chapter in history”.

The SC on Tuesday issued a 23-page detailed verdict saying that the ousted prime ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) tried to fool {the very best|the most notable|the best} court and people, both inside and outside of Parliament, {and not|rather than|without} came up before the court with a whole truth.

The July 28 verdict {experienced|got|acquired} led to disqualification of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif as prime minister for being dishonest.

Authored by {Proper rights|Rights|The law} Ejaz Afzal Khan, the detailed verdict said no error {have been|was} {determined|discovered} in the verdict that could be reviewed.


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